Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions govern our working relationship for clients of the LFD Brand Bar. By submitting a purchase enquiry form you are agreeing to all the terms & conditions listed below.

Remuneration: When applying to purchase a brand pack from the LFD Brand Bar, you agree to pay me the full price as listed on the website / your invoice. The full and non-refundable payment is due before I commence any work. The brand pack listing will not be marked as SOLD until full payment is confirmed by me that it has been received at my end.

Purchasing process: Brand packs are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. However, your business name must fit into the proposed brand pack design without major modifications otherwise it is deemed a custom brand development project. If you wish to proceed with a custom brand development you will be quoted separately and the original brand pack listing will remain (Because, if major modifications will be made to a brand pack, then the look and style will change and it will no longer be the same brand). Sometimes multiple purchase enquiry forms may be received for a brand pack before the listing is marked as SOLD. You will be notified by me within 24 business hours if your application for purchase has been accepted. I do my best to be responsive and fair in the purchasing process.

Custom Fitting: Your business (name, tagline, etc) must fit into the designed brand pack without major changes. Leysa Flores Design reserves the right to assess the compatibility of the brand to the enquiring purchaser for the purpose of the LFD Brand Bar. One round of reasonable changes are included. This means minor alterations, such as adjusting the spacing of the text or a different colour. Additional design edits that fall outside of what I believe to be a reasonable request will be subject to additional fees. If this is the case, further modifications will be subject to my usual hourly rate. I strongly recommend that if you envisage making major modifications to a brand pack, that a custom brand development project will be a more efficient route for you. We can always use a brand pack as inspiration, if you’d like to work together on creating a custom brand.

Promotional use: You agree that upon completion of your custom fitted brand pack, that I may display your final deliverables for promotional and marketing purposes, including, without limitation, in my portfolio / websites, and social media for the purposes of recognition of creative achievement and/or professional advancement, and to be credited with authorship of the final works. In return, I agree to not publish your final deliverables for my own promotional purposes before you have launched your brand. 

General Info: 

  • Any stock imagery shown in listing is not included in final files. All stock imagery is used for display purposes only.
  • Brand pack purchase does not include any printed materials, only digital files.
  • Font suggestions shown are not included in the final deliverables. If you would like the full font files you must purchase your own license to the proposed font separately, which I can link you to. This is in line with recommended licensing laws and handling.
  • Leysa Flores Design is not responsible for maintaining copies of your custom-fitted brand pack files after the project is complete. Please keep several backup copies of your final files. In addition to saving to your computer, saving to cloud-based storage as well as to external HDD is recommended.
  • You may not sell, re-sell or distribute any of the items purchased through the LFD Brand Bar. Only one person or business may use a single brand pack for their personal or commercial purposes. Leysa Flores Design retains the copyright of all artwork produced.
  • Leysa Flores Design aims to have all custom-fitted brand packs completed within 10 business days. However, if the client becomes non-responsive or non-communicative during the process (within 21 days of sending communications such as sending through the proofs), Leysa Flores Design has the right to terminate the project and keep the non-refundable payment as well as re-list the brand.
  • Lastly, I am human, and I am subject to reasonable delays such as illness, illness of my family, death in the family, or unexpected travel or other such emergencies. In such cases, the 10 business days delivery may be extended.


  • If I have personal leave planned for non-emergencies such as holidays, it will be mentioned at the time of purchase enquiry to see if you are willing to negotiate an extension of the 10 business days. If you agree to extend the project timeline to allow for my personal leave, a 10% discount will be offered, otherwise you have the right to renege your purchase enquiry and are not bound to payment or purchase.