Graphic design services

"You see with your eyes, not your brain."

– Lucian Bernhard, iconic German-born graphic designer (1883-1972)


Brands are judged in the blink of an eye. Just like that.

As a graphic designer, I am dedicated to crafting beautiful visual and digital identities for small businesses and startups, who want to make an impact. I love working with people who have big dreams, which is why I provide exceptional design services for not-so-big budgets.

You will collaborate directly with me on your graphic design project. I’m friendly, promise. Together, we’ll bounce around ideas over email or by phone. I will even put on my problem-solver cap to be certain both an aesthetically pleasing and persuasive result is achieved.


logo | business cards | email signatures | letterhead

Branding defines what your business is, and what it does in a visual and consistent way. It will communicate your story and authenticity, and in turn, influence how people connect and interact with your business.

A brand is the face of your business – it expresses its personality and triggers an emotional response. Identity refers to all the visual attributes that form your brand. A logo is a simple, identifiable graphic mark.


website design + development
e-newsletters | social media graphics

For website projects, I team up with my husband and IT pro, James Flores. We combine our talents to produce gorgeously-polished websites and provide ongoing support on the flexible WordPress platform.

We deliver fully-responsive, search-engine friendly websites with security, back-ups, and analytics. Our clients tell us they value our genuine approach and the time we put into making it a seamless process.

+ SEO copywriting is available


brochures + flyers | publications | reports | signage

Print is alive and kicking in the digital age. Printed material provides tangible touchpoints that are compelling and relevant. It gives people a way to physically connect with your brand and business.

Well-designed print collateral helps tell your brand’s story, on a much deeper level, because it can be consumed offline at a much slower pace. It is a medium influenced by generations of cultural tradition and history.

+ Copywriting is available