Pre-made, customisable branding


Here’s the process for the pre-made customisable brands:


After purchasing one of my pre-made, customisable brands, you’ll hear from me within 48 hours. I will ask you to please confirm the details I will need to customise your brand, such as your business name.


I’ll start working on your designs—anything marked customisable in the suite will be customised to the exact same style as the branding suite you’ve purchased. All other elements and deliverables will stay the same as shown in the listing.


Once I’ve finished customising your branding, I’ll check each file carefully and package everything up with love and in excited anticipation for you! I will email you with a link to download all of your files safely and securely.

Congratulations! You now have an entirely unique and timeless brand that will serve and represent your business for years to come.


What will be customised?
The lettering for the primary, secondary logos and the sub mark as shown in the brand suite with be customised to read your business name, retaining the exact same style as shown.

Do you sell your pre-made brands more than once?
No! Each pre-made brand, once purchased and customised, is marked as SOLD and never re-sold. You will remain entirely unique.

Can the other elements such as the illustrations be customised or edited?
No, unless otherwise clearly stated in a listing.

How long does the customisation process take?
Up to two weeks after purchase you can expect to receive your new designs. This is based on timely responses from yourself (within 24 hours).

How will I receive my finished designs?
Completed design files will be sent to your email via one Dropbox link. You do not need to have Dropbox to download your files.

What file types will I receive?
EPS and PDF files are vector-based, which means they are able to be scaled infinitely without losing quality. These are best for print use, where a higher resolution is required. JPEG and PNG files are best for web use. The PNG files will have transparent backgrounds, where applicable.

Why doesn’t my new logo design look exactly the same as the original listing?
Please envisage at the time of purchase how your custom wording may look in the listed style. For example, take into consideration the length of your business name compared to the listed example, which may be longer or shorter than yours. You should be aware that your new designs may appear slightly different from the original brand listing, based purely on the variations in the structures of words and letters. Lettering weights, style, angles all remain the same as the listing. Remember, the customised touch is what will make these designs uniquely yours!

Will there be a chance to make any changes to the logo designs after customisation?
Due to the nature of the process and the reduced pricing as compared to my custom branding services, I do not offer edits to the finished designs of pre-made brands. However, I’m always available at my usual hourly rate to make corrections if required. I’m more than happy to provide a quote if you would like to change something post-delivery.

What colours will my designs arrive in?
Your primary, secondary logos and sub mark will be supplied in one main colour from the colour palette, plus one second colour variation. This will allow for coloured use on light and dark backgrounds. Then, you will also receive your logos in black, and reverse white with a transparent background. Other elements such as icons and illustrations will be supplied as shown in the listing.

Can I customise the colour palette?
Not at this time. Colour psychology plays a massive part in how the tone and feel of the brand is perceived, so the colours have been exclusively selected to complement the design and will remain as shown in the listing.

Can I exchange or return a customisable design package that I’ve purchased?
No. Due to the unique customisation process, all sales are final.

Do you offer custom branding services?
Yes! You can learn more about my custom branding services here, or get in touch via my contact page or at I would absolutely love to hear from you.

Do you design websites to complement my new brand?
Yes! You can learn more about my website design services here, or get in touch via my contact page or at I would absolutely love to hear from you.