Dr Christine Premdas-Rogers

Bold | Classic | Professional | Warm | Relaxed | Supportive

Dr Christine Premdas-Rogers is a specialist endodontist. Endodontists help to save teeth and perform treatments such as root canal.

When developing her brand identity, it was important to focus on her gentle, yet thorough, approach. Many patients are nervous about seeing an endodontist, so it was our aim to create a reassuring brand that also remained modern and approachable. The result is a calming, clean and professional presence in warm, muted colours.

I also designed and developed a website for Christine, in collaboration with Tiffany Bonasera, who developed the website copy, and James Flores. The website focuses on providing information to self-referring clients and dentists referring patients, with a handy FAQs page and a secure, encrypted referral form page.

Read more about the brand identity below.

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The brand identity

The Dr Christine Premdas-Rogers custom wordmark is bold, classic and professional, featuring a tiny star/cross symbol in the letter Es which represents the indent in a molar tooth. The classic serif typeface in all caps portrays a confident and experienced presence, which showcases Christine’s experience as an educator without being aggressive. Her specialist treatment services are stated in a simple tagline below.

A sub mark has been developed to add further depth to the brand, to balance the bold wordmark to reveal a warmer, more relaxed and supportive side. This mark may be used across various other areas of the brand, such as social media profiles or other printed brand collateral.

The accompanying sub mark subtly incorporates symbolism of the nerves inside a tooth, focusing on a minimalist representation to avoid squeamishness. The mark also mimics a tree and indicates strength, to reassure nervous patients. It also represents recovery, which is apt for patients receiving healing treatment.

The colour palette is based on classic charcoal and white, with a warm grey neutral and a tan blush to add warmth as well as a touch of femininity. The muted teal in the secondary palette adds a medical feel to the overall identity to further promote Christine’s supportive and experienced approach.

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