New in portfolio: Kim Vella Coaching

Kim Vella Coaching branding by Leysa Flores Design

When Kim approached me to rebrand, redesign and develop her new website I knew straight away it would be one of the most enjoyable projects I’ve worked on. Our aim was to create a brand that was more in line with her warm and friendly personality – something authentic, uncontrived, approachable and a bit more feminine.

The logo design portrays hand-drawn, loose, flowing curves which express a friendly, open and authentic personality. During the concept development I was particularly inspired by the flowing ribbons of an Olympic rhythmic gymnast – the sport representing beauty, class and tradition, combined with discipline to achieve rhythm and polished technique. I compared this with Kim Vella Coaching, who brings out people’s true potential to shine based on a practical strategy and a disciplined approach.

Did you know? Rhythmic gymnastics originally evolved from ballet.

The colour palette we decided on reflects Kim’s ability to bring out the best in her clients – royal purple and gold representing ‘the best’ service with a warm and approachable feel. It also aligns with the Network of Possibility – a philanthropic initiative designed by Kim to “unite community-minded Canberra professionals who want to use their time, energy and skills ‘to give’.” An encouraging environment, it’s a place where like-minded people can connect and make a positive contribution to the community. Read more here.

Kim’s branding was complemented by a range of informative and promotional collateral along with, of course, her new website.

Thanks to hubby and IT guru James and wonderful web content writer Tiffany for great teamwork, as always.

Of course, beautiful photography and styling always help to make a website shine, so make sure you consider this when developing a new online presence. If you’re interested in a website design please get in touch with me for a chat – happy to answer any questions you may have about the process.

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