New in portfolio: Fox and Vine branding

Here is the delicious branding I designed for Fox and Vine, a concept for a little deli-cafe. If you recall, the moodboard I shared earlier had the most delightful colour palette – tangy peach hues with calming analogous blues (that rhymed!). Modern, clean and calm with a touch of handmade quirkiness, it’s everything sweet and playful.

On my Instagram, I shared an initial sketch of the cute little fox icon, so now you can see how he (she?) has evolved from pencil on paper to a logo with that gorgeous hand-made feel. I always talk about starting on paper, you probably get sick of hearing me say it, but it’s so important for your creativity!

Fox and Vine branding for a little deli-cafe with tangy peach and analogous blues by Leysa Flores Design /