New in LF Shadows Series: James + Amelia

LF shadows series // James 〰️ Illustration

LF Shadows Series is a personal illustration project in progress – exploring shadows with members of my family. I have just finished this one, of my husband, James.

I really need to work on illustrating faces, it’s such a weak spot for me! But practice and time will help. This is why it is so important to undertake personal projects – it not only improves your skills, but it allows you to express your personal style, entirely unhindered.

James was quite pleased to see I had even included his Apple watch and socks! It’s these little touches that make it personal. Also, the choice of lavender as the background fill also holds meaning – it’s one of his branding colours for JF Music Studio. You can see the branding suite I created for his business over on my portfolio.

Below, my final illustration of the series is of my daughter Amelia. I may revisit the series later and include our cat, ha! But we will see. I quite like how this one captures her personality. She loves her bright yellow shoes.

LF shadows series // Amelia 〰️ Illustration


Below are little miss Alice, one, and the first of the series, a self portrait of myself. Alice is depicted with her cute little baby pot-belly in her favourite Nike kicks and well, I’m pretty much always wearing the same outfit (which is another story for another day)!

LF Shadows series 〰️ Alice by Leysa Flores

LF Shadows series 〰️ Self portrait by Leysa Flores


I hope you’ve enjoyed this series as much as I have. Stay tuned for more updates soon.