Leysa Flores Design Launch

Leysa Flores Design / www.leysafloresdesign.com.au


Today I’m excited to launch my new website, Leysa Flores Design. Graphic design has been a life-long passion for me, even if I didn’t realise quite what it was as a young girl. I would illustrate “how-to” guides and create miniature publications, complete with advertisements and cartoons! Since then, working as a graphic designer at Fairfax Media has given me not only many fond memories working with wonderful people but years of experience and a great foundation of skills.

I soon began to juggle freelance projects and full-time work, along with the more important roles of wife and mama. I moved into a marketing services role and my second daughter came along a few months later. While I was on maternity leave I decided to make the leap to freelancing full-time and I have not looked back – it was definitely the right decision for me! I absolutely love the flexibility of freelancing and the ability to work one-on-one with my clients. And so, here I am a year later and I have finally kick-started my online space and rebranded to reflect who I am and what I do.

By definition, graphic design is the art of problem-solving by visual communication. It’s the intention to communicate a message in the most effective way to a specific audience. On this blog, the artist in me also likes to come out and play: creating thoughtful, whimsical and sometimes moody illustrations, wallpapers and typographic quotes. Art, you see, is more of a personal expression that is open to interpretation – the message is not always clear and may be deciphered in many different ways from person to person. It’s the process of creating an emotional response or bond with the viewer and depends entirely on taste.

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A big shout-out to gorgeous creative lady Tiffany Bonasera for the wonderful content writing she has done for my website and for my lovely husband James Flores for the initial configuration. It has been so much fun designing my own space – I hope you like it!