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A design studio for purpose-driven brands who are deeply connected to their work.

Who we are

We are a brand and graphic design studio for aspirational small business owners, entrepreneurs and individuals who want to create meaningful connections with their audience. 

People who understand that professional design is an investment that adds enormous value to their business and helps it to flourish.  

With a holistic approach, we pride ourselves on our honest strategy, gentle process, and empowering our clients with the clarity and confidence they need to manage their brand into the future. 

Judith Celebrations brand design by Leysa Flores

What we Do

Brand Design  /  Custom Website Design + Development
Print + Digital Graphic Design  /  Surface Pattern Design


Our work

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Meet the designer

Leysa is an experienced graphic designer based in Albury, Australia. She worked as a designer in the media industry for more than 12 years before stepping out and founding Leysa Flores Design in 2014.

Leysa is married to James and has three young daughters. In her spare time, she enjoys watching period dramas, making relaxing ambience videos for her YouTube channel, Balmy Cove, and snuggling her cats Boris and Bonnie. She also works in surface pattern design.

"I love designing brands because I’m passionate about the language of aesthetics. I find it fascinating how visuals can speak to people even before words are used. I suppose that's why they call it visual communication!"

Most of all, she loves seeing businesses flourish with their new-found look and confidence as they attract and connect with their audience on a whole new level.


Featured Projects

(Full Portfolio coming soon)

Floraison brand design by Leysa Flores
LEAD EA Network Branding by Leysa Flores Design
CalypsoDrArtboard 3
Cherise brand design by Leysa Flores
Maeli brand design by Leysa Flores
showcaseArtboard 2