Some people write,

play music,


meditate or pray

to heal.

Others create

to let it out

to express themselves.


I know many designers who love their jobs, including me: solving visual communication problems for amazing clients. This is one of the best jobs in the world, and I am so grateful.

Many designers, including me, also feel the need for a personal creative outlet – after all, we are creative beings. To create art, that is unique to us, somehow, and helps us to keep the flame of creativity alive.

For a long time, I have been inspired by many amazing creative people, including Corina Nika, Britt Fabello, Kim Tran-Flores and Satsuki Shibuya, to mention only a few.

Corina, for her insane talent and aesthetic. Britt, not only for her beautiful artwork but for her story in making the journey from designer to artist. Kim, for her authentic commitment to her passion and kindness.

One of Satsuki’s posts led me to question the purpose of why I want to create. Her style of abstract art really resonates with me and inspires me as I feel it is a similar style of expression that heals me as I create it.

And there is actually the answer to my question – why I want to create. Because it heals me.

I’m not an outgoing person, at all. Anyone who knows me personally knows I hardly ever socialise and I’m a real introvert. My brand voice isn’t like that because Leysa Flores Design is my job (which I love); it is another persona and it is an exceptional service I offer my clients. I am warm and friendly to my clients, because I genuinely care about them and their amazing projects.

But personally, away from the graphic design, is me. And that persona is a lot moodier, quieter and artistic. I struggle with a defining a personal style, from my own perspective, but perhaps Satsuki says it best when she says, “Most of the creative people I know, reinvent themselves and are continually exploring. Find your purpose by trying/seeing if whatever is calling out to you is resonating”.

At the moment, it’s artwork like this – abstract and free. I have Satsuki to thank for that, because she showed me that putting marks on paper is just as perfect-and-imperfect as the way you create it. It’s the process that heals the artist, and the resulting artwork that inspires others to heal. And the last thing I want to do is copy her, or steal from her, but only in the way Austin Kleon explains it: to steal like an artist. Which is, to take what inspires you, build on it, pull it apart, and make it your own.

And so this is what I feel, genuinely, is calling out to me and resonating with me, (in the words of Rousseau), “…without industry, without speech, without home”. If that doesn’t make sense to you, never mind. It does to me.

This piece represents the elements, which are my main source of inspiration, as well as the ability to express something without words or a defined form. Without explanation or justification.

Thanks for reading. I’d love to hear your thoughts on your creative journey and how you find your creative purpose – please share in the comments or email me.