If you're not ready to invest in custom brand design, then a semi-custom brand kit is perfect for you.

Skip the questionnaires, strategy and design process, for a fraction of the time or financial investment of my custom design services. You’ll get the assets you need within 1-2 weeks, while still getting a designer’s eye on the details.

What is a semi-custom brand?

Semi-custom means pre-designed branding with assets that can be customised to your business. Some areas are customisable and others are not. This is how you can get a professional, cohesive brand at such an affordable price and within a quick timeline.

Floraison | Pre-Made Brand | Ready Made Branding | Brand Identity | via Leysa Flores Design

Here is an example of how we used the 'Floraison' brand kit to create a unique brand for local business Riverina Essentials.

How it works

Step 1

Select a brand kit. Upon purchase, I’ll ask you to confirm your business name for customisation.

Step 2

Receive a presentation of your new branding within two business days, for approval.

Step 3

Once approved, I’ll prepare and send across all your files within two business days.

Maybe you’re thinking …

“I’m not ready to invest a lot financially into my brand right now.”

Depending on who your hire and their inclusions, custom branding can cost between 2-10k (my packages range from about 2-4), so for new businesses still finding their direction, it can be a smart move to wait before making a bigger investment.

But even with a semi-custom branding kit, you’re still investing in professional branding for your business, which will make your audience take notice, create greater trust in your offerings, appreciate that you’re investing in your presence and creating an enjoyable brand experience for them.

“I don’t want to wait / I don’t have the time to wait for the time it takes to go through a custom brand process. I need something right now.”

Another great reason to choose a semi-custom brand kit. The turnaround time is around 1-2 weeks from the time you purchase it and the effort on your part is minimal — no questionnaires, strategy sessions or rounds of revisions — get exactly what you see, what you need, right away.

“A branding kit still won’t make me unique, though. They are sold many times over.”

I’ve got great news for you! Unlike many other branding kits on offer, I only sell my kits once. This is because I want you to have the value of a completely unique brand so that you can really stand apart.

“I’ve had a bad experience with custom design before. The end result was disappointing and an expensive mistake.”

This is awful, but I understand it happens sometimes (usually for reasons such as unclear expectations, communication or feedback). The beauty of semi-custom branding is that you can see pretty much exactly what you’re going to get before you commit to anything.

That said, if you purchase a branding kit that I don’t think will customise well with your business name, I’ll let you know, and refund your purchase. I want you to be confident and excited about your branding — whether that’s semi-custom or custom.