Autumn 2017 inspired colours moodboard

I’m currently working on a hand-lettered logo and branding inspired by the beautiful warm muted pastel colours of Autumn 2017.

Think Pantone spicy mustard, spruce green and prairie sunset.

Here’s a sneak peek at the moodboard – more to come soon.

Autumn 2017 inspired colour palette moodboard


Trick or treat yo’ self 〰️ Free Halloween printable

Free Halloween printable - Trick or treat yo' self - DIY pillow box / Leysa Flores DesignFree Halloween printable - Trick or treat yo' self - DIY pillow box / Leysa Flores Design Free Halloween printable - Trick or treat yo' self - DIY pillow box / Leysa Flores Design

We’re into October and that means one thing – Halloween is coming! I really love everything moody about Halloween.

There’s tons of Halloween printables if you search on Pinterest but what I wanted to design was something more candy-coloured and girlie rather than the traditional black and orange. Halloween for me is pretty much an excuse to treat myself (kid comes to the door: one for you, one for me…) and so the saying “Trick or treat … yo’ self” came to me!

It’s a great little fun gift idea to fill with M&Ms or other small candy.

Make sure you use at least 200gsm paper for the best results. Happy DIYing!

Free Halloween printable - Trick or treat yo' self - DIY pillow box / Leysa Flores Design

The image above shows you where to cut (solid line), fold (dotted line) and glue. Just click to download the print ready file.

Personal use only. Commercial use is prohibited. 

Free Halloween printable - Trick or treat yo' self - DIY pillow box / Leysa Flores Design


Little hummingbird

It’s been a little while since I’ve taken some time to sit back and immerse myself in creating something just for fun/personal development. Here is a little hummingbird illustration that I did about a month ago. I found myself getting very frustrated with the texture of the feathers on his chest – so I put it down for a while. Having picked it up again, I realised that it’s perfect the way it is – flaws and all.

I think it’s a refreshing reminder that perfection isn’t the goal – unique and authentic designs are. If you find yourself stuck on a project, it’s best to step away and literally sleep on it. Pick it up the next day.

John Cleese says in this video about creativity that on one occasion when he got stuck when writing out a sketch, he put it aside, went to bed and revisited it in the morning. And, the next day, when he sat down at his desk to continue, not only was the solution immediately apparent to him, he couldn’t remember the problem (or obstacle) that had been bugging him the night before. It’s a simple tip, but it’s also a very practical one.

The other point of putting aside time to create, for me, is to improve my skills. Bluntly, I don’t believe in talent, except in rare cases. For the majority of us, it takes practice, time, study, tutorials and plenty of mistakes. So, I just wanted to put that out there – don’t be afraid to invest your time in personal development. It’s easy to prioritise client work and there are times when you definitely should – deadlines are deadlines. But when you can, try and make time for personal projects and study because it is so important for the bigger picture and your long-term goals.




New in portfolio: Kim Vella Coaching

Kim Vella Coaching branding by Leysa Flores Design

When Kim approached me to rebrand, redesign and develop her new website I knew straight away it would be one of the most enjoyable projects I’ve worked on. Our aim was to create a brand that was more in line with her warm and friendly personality – something authentic, uncontrived, approachable and a bit more feminine.

The logo design portrays hand-drawn, loose, flowing curves which express a friendly, open and authentic personality. During the concept development I was particularly inspired by the flowing ribbons of an Olympic rhythmic gymnast – the sport representing beauty, class and tradition, combined with discipline to achieve rhythm and polished technique. I compared this with Kim Vella Coaching, who brings out people’s true potential to shine based on a practical strategy and a disciplined approach.

Did you know? Rhythmic gymnastics originally evolved from ballet.

The colour palette we decided on reflects Kim’s ability to bring out the best in her clients – royal purple and gold representing ‘the best’ service with a warm and approachable feel. It also aligns with the Network of Possibility – a philanthropic initiative designed by Kim to “unite community-minded Canberra professionals who want to use their time, energy and skills ‘to give’.” An encouraging environment, it’s a place where like-minded people can connect and make a positive contribution to the community. Read more here.

Kim’s branding was complemented by a range of informative and promotional collateral along with, of course, her new website.

Thanks to hubby and IT guru James and wonderful web content writer Tiffany for great teamwork, as always.

Of course, beautiful photography and styling always help to make a website shine, so make sure you consider this when developing a new online presence. If you’re interested in a website design please get in touch with me for a chat – happy to answer any questions you may have about the process.

View the full portfolio entry here.





New in LF Shadows Series: James + Amelia

LF shadows series // James 〰️ Illustration

LF Shadows Series is a personal illustration project in progress – exploring shadows with members of my family. I have just finished this one, of my husband, James.

I really need to work on illustrating faces, it’s such a weak spot for me! But practice and time will help. This is why it is so important to undertake personal projects – it not only improves your skills, but it allows you to express your personal style, entirely unhindered.

James was quite pleased to see I had even included his Apple watch and socks! It’s these little touches that make it personal. Also, the choice of lavender as the background fill also holds meaning – it’s one of his branding colours for JF Music Studio. You can see the branding suite I created for his business over on my portfolio.

Below, my final illustration of the series is of my daughter Amelia. I may revisit the series later and include our cat, ha! But we will see. I quite like how this one captures her personality. She loves her bright yellow shoes.

LF shadows series // Amelia 〰️ Illustration


Below are little miss Alice, one, and the first of the series, a self portrait of myself. Alice is depicted with her cute little baby pot-belly in her favourite Nike kicks and well, I’m pretty much always wearing the same outfit (which is another story for another day)!

LF Shadows series 〰️ Alice by Leysa Flores

LF Shadows series 〰️ Self portrait by Leysa Flores


I hope you’ve enjoyed this series as much as I have. Stay tuned for more updates soon.


Leysa Flores Design Launch

Leysa Flores Design /


Today I’m excited to launch my new website, Leysa Flores Design. Graphic design has been a life-long passion for me, even if I didn’t realise quite what it was as a young girl. I would illustrate “how-to” guides and create miniature publications, complete with advertisements and cartoons! Since then, working as a graphic designer at Fairfax Media has given me not only many fond memories working with wonderful people but years of experience and a great foundation of skills.

I soon began to juggle freelance projects and full-time work, along with the more important roles of wife and mama. I moved into a marketing services role and my second daughter came along a few months later. While I was on maternity leave I decided to make the leap to freelancing full-time and I have not looked back – it was definitely the right decision for me! I absolutely love the flexibility of freelancing and the ability to work one-on-one with my clients. And so, here I am a year later and I have finally kick-started my online space and rebranded to reflect who I am and what I do.

By definition, graphic design is the art of problem-solving by visual communication. It’s the intention to communicate a message in the most effective way to a specific audience. On this blog, the artist in me also likes to come out and play: creating thoughtful, whimsical and sometimes moody illustrations, wallpapers and typographic quotes. Art, you see, is more of a personal expression that is open to interpretation – the message is not always clear and may be deciphered in many different ways from person to person. It’s the process of creating an emotional response or bond with the viewer and depends entirely on taste.

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A big shout-out to gorgeous creative lady Tiffany Bonasera for the wonderful content writing she has done for my website and for my lovely husband James Flores for the initial configuration. It has been so much fun designing my own space – I hope you like it!