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Meet the designer

I’ve always been creative and intuitive with quick perceptive skills, making graphic design a natural and enjoyable career path for me.

My foundational years were spent working in the media industry as a designer. In fact, it ended up being more than 14 years. This industry experience paired with formal studies gave me the tools and the confidence to establish my own design business in 2014.

I was initially driven by the desire for freedom. To work for myself, doing what I love, on my own terms and supported by my own values, such as integrity and wanting to be at home with my children. I felt a deep connection to my work and began to recognise this similar trait in others.

I believe that people should have the freedom to do what they love and create a fulfilling life around their passion, so I set out to use my creative gifts to help these purpose-driven businesses achieve their dreams through intentional brand identity design.

I live in Albury, Australia, with my husband James, and our three young daughters. I love watching period dramas, making relaxing ambience videos for my YouTube channel: Balmy Cove, and snuggling my cats Boris and Bonnie.

I’m inspired by minimalism, natural textures, illustrative lines, stormy skies, beautiful ambient soundscapes, slow period dramas, memories of my travel in the Middle East, classic literature and history.