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Hi, I’m Leysa.

I’m a brand and graphic designer who works with like-minded business owners and entrepreneurs, dedicated to creating more freedom doing what we love.

If building your business is about rebalancing your ambitions and priorities towards better flexibility and following your dreams, I’m excited to design your brand with you.

Leysa Flores Content Session Autumn 2023
Leysa Flores Content Session Autumn 2023
brand foundation workbook by leysa flores design

In your pursuit of finding more meaning and fulfillment in what you do, you’ve intentionally started a purpose-driven business that aligns with your interests and your lifestyle. You’ve poured your heart and soul into it.

With a thoughtful and original brand strategy, Leysa can help your customers connect with your ‘why’.

Your brand is more than a logo, more than aesthetics. Your brand is about how it makes people feel. Branding is the process of triggering that feeling in your customers and clients and giving specific meaning to your business in their hearts and minds. As humans, we buy from brands with which we have an emotional bond.

Having a brand strategy is an investment in your relationship with your customers.

A one-size-fits-all approach to branding doesn’t work. Your story and your customers are different from other businesses. Building your business’s brand foundations in an intentional, thoughtful, and strategic way with Leysa will give you confidence and clarity.

Believe it! See what her clients have to say about their experience:

Leysa Flores Portrait + Content Session

About Leysa.

Leysa Flores is an experienced and qualified graphic designer, having completed her formal studies at RMIT Melbourne: International Centre of Graphic Technology, and Open Colleges Australia. In her early career, Leysa worked as a designer in the media industry, before starting her own studio in 2014. Just like you, Leysa, dreamed of working on her own terms, this continues to inspire and motivate her today.